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       Our kids need the Truth

It is a mistake to think that children cannot grow until they reach a certain age.

Schools separate children based on their age, and churches have different classes for children all the way up to 18!

Where is their exit strategy? There is none. So, the 18 year old children exit the church door as soon as they are old enough to drive on their own. They were kicked out of “real church” for so long it becomes habit to leave.

The parents are left asking, “why don’t they go to church meetings any more?” Answer: they were never in the “real church” meetings.

They were raised to go out of the adult meeting, and so when they get older that is what they do.

Raising a child in the way he should go does not mean sending them out of “real church” to watch Veggie Tales. That is called sacred babysitting.

So how and what should we be teaching our kids?

Please watch the video below and special thanks to graceambassadors.com and Justin Johnson for sharing.

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