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Dear Friends,

We would like to take a few minutes to tell you a little bit about ourselves and the "journey" we have been on over the past several years. My older brother Phil and I were raised by Godly parents and understood at a very early age that we were sinners in need of a Savior. We understood that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, was buried for three days, and rose from the dead on that third day.

     Our "religious" training took place over 50 plus years, in a church of a large denomination. I ended up working in the medical field, and my brother taught biology in one of our inner-city high schools. My brother and I both found Bible study difficult, and we carried a certain degree of guilt, because we were constantly reminded from the pulpit that we were to read our Bibles. Both of us were fortunate enough to find two Godly women who have stood beside us for a large part of our "journey".

     Approximately 7 years ago, a friend introduced us to the teachings of a gentleman named Les Feldick. We found Les's teaching style and his knowledge of the scriptures to be "special". Les made us realize that to understand the Bible, you had to "rightly divide" it (II Timothy 2:15). In doing so we realized that God dealt with people differently during various dispensations. We no longer have to force ourselves to read and study the Bible; because now it is understandable and is exciting to read what God has for us. We realized that we had to walk away from some of our denominational practices because they were not supported by the Scripture. Sadly, alot of mainstream denominations have simply allowed man's traditions to dilute the purity of the gospel as it should be preached. That gospel can be found in I Corrinthians 15:1-4. And, is often referred to as the Pauline gospel.

     By the grace of God, my brother and I were directed to the Berean Bible Society website. We had the privilege to attend one of their conferences, where we found people of like faith. It was at this conference that we met Pastor Joel McGarvey, Pastor Paul Sadler, and Pastor Ricky Kurth, as well as many other brothers and sisters in the Lord. What a joy it was to meet and fellowship with these fine folks.

     In 2013, we met up with the folks at Grace Bible Church-Flint where we have enjoyed studying God's Word rightly divided ever since.  We recently had the opportunity to meet Pastor Richard Jordan at one of his program recording sessions in Warren Michigan.  We have followed his Bible teachings faithfully for years on the TV program" Forgotten Truth's" which is broadcast Saturday nights at 9pm eastern. Pastor Jordan is President of "Grace School of the Bible" where my brother Phil is currently going through the program and loving it( all on DVD's)

     Phil and I do a lot of studying together and enjoy conversing about many subjects, such as Water Baptism, the "Great Commission", the Kingdom Gospel, and the MYSTERY, just to mention a few. We recently decided that we needed an outlet to share some of the joy we have found in studying God's Word. We thought and prayed and decided that we would use the technology available to start this website. We hope to post articles, powerpoints, and other educational tools, free of charge, to help others to better understand the true meaning of God's Word and to assist as many people as possible in seaching the scriptures and finding the joy we have been blessed to find ourselves. What ever we do, and wherever this goes, our goal is to share God's love and the Gospel he has given to us in the "Age of Grace".

Your in Christ,

Fellow Ambassadors: Joe and Phil


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Phillip Long

Joseph Long

7388 Sharp Rd

Swartz Creek, MI 48473





2 Timothy 2:15

"Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, RIGHTLY DIVIDING the Word of Truth"

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